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About 15 miles northeast of Clarksville, just over the Tennessee-Kentucky state line, you will find a shop called The Country Pantry. It is located on Highway 181N (Guthrie Road) near Elkton, Kentucky just a few miles north of the junction of Highways 79 and 181.

The Country Pantry is a community shop that sells bulk foods of all kinds. Neatly kept shelves of flour, grains, sugars, spices, seeds and nuts invite you in to browse. Milk, butter and other dairy products, jams and jellies, honey and plenty of sweets for the sweet tooth round out the selection.

Nearly all products are supplied by the local community or the Mennonite communities of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin & Ohio.

The service representatives at the Country Pantry have lots of product knowledge and whole foods experience to share with the visiting patrons.


Beginning in southern Todd County near Guthrie, travel north on State Hwy 181 until you come to  The Country Pantry 9115 Guthrie Road.

Here are some reviews from our non-biased customers:

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this store. We happened on it by accident and at the time were obsessed with cheese. Country Pantry did not disappoint. NOW I love to pick up rolled oats, steel cut oats, tea, spices and extracts. My children love the big selection of candy. I now live in Michigan but whenever I swing through KY.. I make a point to stop here and stock up.


  2. stewart o'rourke January 18, 2018 — 6:53 pm

    my husband and I go in about once a month .I love the honey roasted peanut butter .I buy the butter by bulk. so many other awesome things they have .just love the atmosphere and the kindness that is shown there .


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